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Thoresby Class

First, we thought about what we were proud of and we discussed how to celebrate being ourselves. We also shared ways in which we were different to others and how others are special to us. 

We then used some statements to spark debate about whether we should ban the word 'gay' from schools. We talked about what the word meant and summarised that it was fine to use when used in the correct context or during discussions about our lives. We said that it was not ok to use the word in a negative way towards someone else or with a negative intention. 

We watched a Pop 'n' Olly video about the history of Pride and how the event started. We watched the video and then used what we learnt to answer questions on the history. We also then thought about our own answers to the question 'are we equal?'

Finally, we completed some mindfulness colouring surrounding the words 'equality', 'love is love' and 'proud to be me'. We used this quiet time to think about how we are different and how to appreciate everyone around us. 

We have had an excellent day learning more about the LGBTQ+ community and the history of Pride. The children looked fantastic in their rainbow colours! Well done, Thoresby Class smiley