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Maths - Starter Task


In our Maths lesson, we now complete two tasks called Fluent in Five and Rapid Reasoning. Each task is timed for 5 minutes. 

Maths - Main Activity


This week in maths, we will be recapping Pictograms.


For maths today, we will interpreting the data from pictograms.


Please watch the video and have a go at the worksheet.





For your English task, we will be focusing on developing our comprehension skills.


Please take your time to read the comprehension. It is about Queen Elizabeth I.  After you have read the text, please answer the questions. 



In Art, we have already designed our Roman shields at school. Today I would like you to create your own shield using a range of materials. Think about the design of your shield and the colours. 



In History, we are learning about the Roman Army. Please read the PowerPoint to find out lots of information about the different soldiers in the army. After, please complete the activity.