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Wednesday 6th January

Morning Work

Please find today's arithmetic questions and answers attached. Please view the PowerPoint in full screen or 'view slideshow' as the answers are animated to appear for the children to check their work when they have finished. 


In Maths today we will be looking at using the grid method for multiplication as this will help us when we start to multiply larger numbers. 


I have modelled this for the children and the video of this can be found on the following link:


Further explanation is given on the document with today's questions. These are grouped into Bronze, Silver, Gold and platinum, the children will be used to this from class. They can choose to start wherever they like but I would encourage all to do some of the Silver and Gold questions as these will be more challenging. 


For GPS today, we are finishing looking at our work on parenthesis. We have used brackets and dashes and we have already looked at using commas in class. 

Yesterday we learnt that the parenthesis can go in the middle of the sentence, or use just one dash and go at the end of the sentence. 

For today's tasks, we are going to focus on the parenthesis that go in the middle of the sentence, so you will need either a pair of brackets ()  a pair of dashes -  -  or a pair of commas ,  ,  correctly placed in each sentence. 


Think how well you have understood the work so far and select either the Bronze, Silver or Gold tasks. Each task is explained with examples as you work through. The documents also contain a link to a YouTube video if you need some more help.


In English today I would like you to use the vocabulary you came up with yesterday to create an exciting descriptive paragraph. 

Details and a model of how to do this can be found on the PowerPoint attached. 


On Wednesday, we would normally have PE. Why not try one of the following links to PE that you could do at home.

Cosmic Yoga

Joe Wicks

Dance with Oti Mabuse


In French this half term we will be learning how to describe things in the classroom. 

Please follow through the PowerPoint today in full screen mode and practise speaking out loud using the sound clips on each slide. These can be played as many times as you need until you are confident.