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Christmas Decorations!

As some of our children are having fun visiting Rand Farm, the rest of Clumber Class and Thoresby class have been having their own fun! Over the past few days we have been creating our own Christmas decorations that can hang on the Christmas tree. We have done lots of work around this:


- First, we looked at a range of decorations and evaluated what we liked and didn't like.

- Then, using this information, we started to plan our own Christmas decorations. Here we looked at symmetry and the importance of patterns. 

- We then sketched what our decorations would look like so it would help during the creation stage.

- Next, we created our decorations out of felt, ribbons, buttons, gems, glitter - the list goes on! 

- Finally, we peer assessed and self-evaluated our decorations, deciding what we would do differently next time. 


Everyone has had a wonderful time showing their creative side! 

Some pictures are available below.