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Remember the final Third Space Learning session is today (8:30am). Let me know if you need your log in details. 



On Fridays we are always tested on our spellings. Ask a grown up at home to test you on this weeks spellings. Remember to let me know how you get on. 



Yesterday, you completed your Mr Men or Little Miss story. Today, I would like you to do the following:

- add detailed pictures on each page (remember that we spoke about younger children using pictures to retell the story when they are unable to read)

- create a front cover

- create a back cover and a blurb.


Think about the colours that you are using in your pictures- remember you want it to be eye catching.


I am looking forward to reading your story.



Starter Activity- This year we have been working hard to correctly answer reasoning questions. Try the reasoning sheet below. Remember to read the questions carefully. 

Main Activity- This week we are recapping on angles. Today, you are going to be recapping on angles around a point. Do you remember what they add up to? Use the PowerPoint below to recap before completing the activity.



Today I would like you to research and complete an information PowerPoint or leaflet on one of the following:

- famous astronauts, 

- the big bang theory,

- the solar system.