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Rule: Words with the soft c spelt /ce/


- cemetery

- certificate

- celebrate

- necessary

- deceased

- December

- sacrifice

- hindrance

- nuisance

- prejudice


Can you write each word into a sentence?



Today we are going to continue with the work we started yesterday on prepositions. Watch the Oak Academy video before completing the task.



Starter- Complete the activity adding and subtracting fractions. Videos to help you do this have been included below. 

Main Activity- Today you are going to be solving problems involving decimals. Try to complete the activity below. 



Yesterday, you started to plan your newspaper report. Today, I would like you to write your article. Think clearly about the features of a newspaper report and try to include them in your writing:

- Headline

- Subline

- Quotations- direct/indirect speech

- Photographs

- The 5 W's

- Paragraphs

- Factual information/ opinions.




The Beast of Buckingham Palace- Chapter 5



Last week you started to create the structure of your Victorian theatre and I have been extremely impressed with the photos you have sent in. Today, I would like you to continue with your design of your theatre and decorate the structure that you created last week. You may choose to paint it, add things such as glitter or stick tissue paper on it to create a collage. Think carefully about the colours you choose. 



Normally, on a Wednesday afternoon you would have P.E. with Tony. Today, you could choose to follow one of the links below or take part in some exercise in your garden or around the village. You could play football with a sibling, play on the trampoline or go for a walk/run/bike ride with an adult.