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Year 2

10/10/22 - 14/10/22

This week, we have recapped all of our prior learning of place value and further studied the 2, 5 and 10 times tables through the use of song! We also completed a place value assessment to show what we have learnt. Next half term, we will be learning more about addition and subtraction.

03/10/22 - 07/10/22

We have been learning our 10 times table this week and used arrays to help us demonstrate our understanding. We have also recapped our number bonds to 20 through a game of Bingo! A number was written on the board and if we had the number that made the bond to 10 we could tick it off. We will be looking at related facts to 100 and further exploring addition and subtraction over the coming weeks. 

26/09/22 - 30/09/22

We have been solidifying our understanding of comparing numbers this week, using the signs <, > and =. We can now compare two digit numbers as well as groups of objects! 


This week we have moved on to looking at some of our times tables - 2s and 5s. We are learning about the law of commutativity and what the 'x' sign actually means. We are able to count in 2s and 5s and have been able to spot some patterns in these numbers. 

12/09/22 - 17/09/22

This week we have been learning all about the place value of two digit numbers and have been able to identify how many tens and how many ones are in each number. We then used our knowledge from last week and represented numbers using a range of objects. To extend our knowledge, we made comparisons between these groups of objects using the signs =, < and >. We then compared numbers rather than objects using these signs and now have a super understanding of making comparisons! 

We have been recapping our understanding of number and place value this week and have discussed the place value of two-digit numbers. We know how many tens and how many ones are in each number. We have used a range of resources to help up this week - numicon, cubes, counters, base ten and bead strings. We even discussed how to use Lego bricks to help us represent numbers in different ways!