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Week beginning 9th November

Monday 9th November


For English this week, we will be focusing on our class book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Please complete this reading comprehension about Chapter 1.


For maths, we have been learning column addition and column subtraction. Today we will be learning how to check our answers using the inverse. Firstly, you will need to complete the column addition. You will then need to use the answer and take away a number from the addition question. If your answer, is the same as the other addition number in the question, you have the correct answer.


327 + 145 = 472

472 - 327 = 145


Please complete this worksheet.


For our topic work, we will be looking at the history of chocolate and the key events that took place. Please use the PowerPoint to learn about the key events in chronological order. After, please use the timeline cards to help you create your own timeline.

Tuesday 10th November


For English, we are looking at key features of an instructional text. Please use this example text to find, highlight and label any features you think are needed in a set of instructions. For example, a title is important to explain what the instructions are about.

For maths, we are focusing on estimating answers for a range of calculations. The first step is to round the numbers up or down to the nearest 10. The second step is to add or subtract the rounded numbers to find the estimated answer.



25 + 47                     321 + 486 

30 + 50 = 70             320 + 490 = 810


Wednesday 11th November


For English, please read chapter 5 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You will be planning a set of instructions to write on the back of a golden ticket. Please use the key information from the newspaper extract to help you plan your set of instructions.

For maths, please complete the estimating worksheet.
In Science we are learning about light. Please look at the PowerPoint about sun safety. Afterwards, design your own hat or sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the sun.
Today is Remembrance Day. Please read the PowerPoint and create your own poppy.


Thursday 12th November


For English, please use your plan from yesterday to write a set of instructions for your Golden Ticket. I have attached an example of a set of instructions that you could use to help you.

For maths, please complete the addition and subtraction word problems. Use column addition and subtraction to help you.
For art, please design your own Golden Ticket. You may use the examples to help you.

Friday 13th November


For English, please read chapter 6 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After, please write a character description about Augustus Gloop. Think carefully about what he looks like and his personality.

For maths, please complete the multiplication worksheet.