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Ascension Day 2019

12th June 2019


Rufford Class had a fantastic time last week preparing for Ascension Day. This year we had been given the challenge to make a durable insect from recyclable material that we could display in our new prayer garden. We chose to design and make a dragon fly using wood, net and wire. The children carefully painted the wood and attached the wire to make wings. Some children in the class then practiced their sewing skills to sew the net onto the wings. Finally the children had lots of fun decorating the wings with glitter. 


We also had the opportunity to paint a pebble that we could then place in the prayer garden. The children had some fantastic ideas and enjoyed the opportunity of painting on pebbles. 


Finally, we also planted some plants in our prayer garden. The soil was quite hard so the children had to work as part of a team to plant the plants. We then enjoyed the opening ceremony and we cannot wait to use the garden in the future.