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Week beginning 2nd November


Please complete the Big Write. You need to describe a day out in London. What places will you go and see? How will you get there? Use your five senses to help you.



In Maths, you are going to be working out the change from 10 and 20p. Please use the power point to help. Complete the sheet afterwards please.



Read the powerpoint based on the alternative grapheme for the 'ow' sound. Practise spelling the words using the pictures to help.


Reading comprehension:

Please complete the two star level reading comprehension sheet about ladybirds.

Please look at the presentation for life in the 17th century and complete the literacy sheet. You need to describe and draw a 1666 firefighter and a modern firefighter.


Please complete the rainbow spellings sheet using your spelling words for this week. Use an individual crayon for each letter.


Please complete the PSHE good friend sheet. You need to complete a wanted poster for a good friend. Think about the qualities of a good friend.

Tuesday 3rd November


Please find below worksheets and PowerPoints for your child to complete. 


Today we have been learning the 'ou' sound. Use coloured pencil crayons to identify the real and nonsence words. 


Today we are learning about London in 1666. I would like you to think about:

- what you already know about London

- what you think London was like in 1666. 


Use the document below to look through pictures of London from 1666 and complete the sheet. 


In Maths we are learning to order coins from the least to the most valuable. Use the PowerPoint to help you and then try the games. 

Game 1- Snap

Game 2- Coin collector



In Science we have been learning about a range of baby animals including mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. Use the PowerPoint to help you and then complete the 'How animals grow' activity, drawing a picture of the animal as a baby and an adult. Then I would like you to write a description about how the animal grows.

Please can all work be emailed to our class email address:


Thank you,


Miss Marsh