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Have a look at the video to refresh your memory on equivalent fractions then try the worksheet, which focuses on hundredths. 


Let me know how you get on smiley



Today I would like you to write your biography on Amelia Earhart. Have a look back at your plan from yesterday and ensure you use all of the information. Also, think about the features that need to be within a biography that we learnt about last week. 


You can use the template I have attached if you wish or you can write your own smiley



This week's grammar focus is synonyms. Think about what a synonym is - we have discussed these within class before. 


Have a look at the video and see if you can make your own list of synonyms. Then, try and complete the wordsearch. There are three different ones - you only need to do one. One gives you the words to find and others ask you to create the synonyms yourself, before finding them in the wordsearch.


After that, there is a synonym snap game for you to play with a partner if you have one! If not, play it on your own like a game of pairs. 


This week's spellings are:


- medal

- meddle

- rein

- rain

- reign

- heel

- he'll

- heal

- knowledge

- eighth 



Today, we are continuing our study of Sikhism and looking at becoming an adult. This ceremony is known as Amrit. Have a look at the video and then see if you can answer the key questions. You may need to do some extra research.