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Today we are going to be using our knowledge of column multiplication to solve some word problems. I've uploaded another teaching video - the link is below. Have a look at that and then use what you know to answer the questions that are attached. Remember, there are one step problems and two step problems so choose the ones that you think are right for you.


Big Write


This week's Big Write task will be a recount of your Christmas holidays. You can write about Christmas Day itself, any other event you did over the holidays or a mixture of both.


Think carefully about the grammar we have covered already so far this year and try and include some of these - conjunctions, pronouns, adverbs, synonyms and any others you can think of! Think about how you are going to present your work - you need to be using super handwriting that is easy to read. 


You should aim to be writing for around 40 minutes, as this is the expectation for your age group.


I would love to read all about your holidays so send your work to



Have a look at the attached PowerPoint - there is a picture on there of solids, liquids and gases and some properties of each one. There is also a link to a video to tell you more about these states of matter. 


Then, using the chocolate information sheet, see how chocolate is made and the process it goes through - including all states of matter! 


Choose a task:


1. Use the storyboard sheets to draw the chocolate making process.

2. Use the storyboard sheets to draw the chocolate making process and write sentences about it too, describing the relevant state of matter.

3. Draw your own flow chart detailing the chocolate making process., identifying the state of matter - solid, liquid or gas.