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PE and Sport in Creswell Class

Mixed curriculum afternoon


Last week Creswell Class children enjoyed their mixed activities with Rufford Class. We had art with Mr Bell, dance with Miss Marsh and fitness with Miss Denyer. Our reporter spoke with children from each group and here is what they told us. Pearl said, "I really enjoyed my exercise class". Ava said, "I really enjoyed dancing like a dinosaur". Then finally our reporter spoke to Luke and he said that he had loved mixing colours and creating new ones for his picture.


I wonder what we will be doing this week, join us here to find out!

P.E in Creswell Class - 10th September,2019


Last week we all enjoyed both P.E sessions and everyone really impressed us with how quickly they got changed!

On Tuesday we enjoyed throwing skills with Mr Bell and Miss Denyer, we got to go out on the field and we had several competitions and everyone tried their best which is what we love to see!


On Wednesday with Tony we enjoyed taking part in team games and the F2's enjoyed working on new skills whilst the Year 1's developed what they had been working on from last year.


We can't wait for this weeks P.E sessions!


P.E in Creswell Class - 17th September, 2019


Last week we all enjoyed the P.E session with Mr Bell and Miss Denyer, it was really fun.

We played the breakfast game for the warm up and we enjoyed pretending to be different foods whilst warming our bodies up. We then moved on to Stars in space, a piece of music played in the background and we worked on moving in and out of different spaces whilst moving at different speeds depending on the speed of the music. We then moved on to Rabbits, again a piece of music played and we worked on hopping and jumping. Mr Bell and Miss Denyer said we had done really well.

We can't wait for this weeks P.E sessions!

P.E in Creswell Class - 24th September, 2019

Last week we all enjoyed the P.E session with Mr Bell and Miss Denyer, we had lots of fun and we can't wait for this week.

We played the traffic light game for the warm up and we got to pretend to be cars! We enjoyed the traffic jam move, that was the best. We then moved on to giant strides and fairy steps and princesses and knights. We practised moving in and out of spaces at different speeds, tiptoeing, heal to toe moves and marching and skipping to the beat of the music. Mr Bell and Miss Denyer were really impressed.

We are so excited for this week's P.E lesson!




P.E in Creswell Class - 1st October, 2019

Mr Bell and Miss Denyer were so impressed with us last week and they really enjoyed the session and so did we!

We played the traffic light game again for the warm up as we really enjoyed it the week before, the traffic jam move is still our favourite. 

We went through all of the songs/moves that we had already done and we remembered the moves really well. We practised all of the skills which were hoping, jumping, moving in and out of spaces at different speeds, tiptoeing, heal to toe moves and marching and skipping to the beat of the music. 

We can't wait to hear the new piece of music this week and practise some new skills. 


P.E in Creswell Class - 9th October, 2019

This week we really enjoyed the P.E session with Tony! We took part in team sports whilst working on our ball skills. We practised aiming the balls into hoops and trying to get as many into the hoops as possible. Tony was really impressed with how accurate we all were. We can't wait for the session with Tony this week!


P.E in Creswell Class - 19th November, 2019

This week we had our third week on the apparatus, we started off by warming up our bodies by taking part in one of Joe Wick's 5 minute move videos, we really enjoy doing these videos and they quickly warm our bodies up. We then moved onto the apparatus part of our lesson and we got to use the A frame, the wall climbing frame and the balancing bars. We really enjoyed using our bodies in different ways and practising our balancing skills!  

P.E in Creswell Class - 29th November, 2019

This week we REALLY enjoyed our extra P.E session that we got to take part in as a class. It was called a Drumba lesson. Two Drumba leaders came into our school and we were able to use their drums whilst learning zumba moves and keeping fit too. We really enjoyed the session and so did Mr Bell and Miss Denyer! 

P.E in Creswell Class - 4th December, 2019

This week in P.E with Tony we have been practising our hockey skills. We have been learning how to hold the stick correctly, making sure our bodies are in the correct position and that are hands are placed in the correct place. We have been doing target practise and trying to hit the balls to a certain place or person. We are hoping to play a match next week so that we can put all of our new skills into practise.

P.E in Creswell Class - 6th January, 2020

This half term we are really looking to our upcoming P.E lessons. Mr Bell has told us what we are going to be doing over the next six weeks.

We will be taking part in different team games including basketball and football. We will also be learning new ball skills including throwing, catching, kicking, dribbling and patting a ball.  

P.E in Creswell Class - 8th January, 2020

In P.E we started to practise different throwing and catching methods and we also looked at negotiating space when travelling at different speeds. Then we worked on starting and stopping when travelling around the room at different speeds. Next week, we will be looking at  team games in small groups. 

P.E in Creswell Class - 14th January, 2020

In P.E with Tony we got to run our own warm up along side Tony. Then we played 'Super Frog' where we were working on our reaction times. We had to run around in different spaces, making sure that we didn't collide with anybody else,Tony would then shout 'Super Frog' and we'd have to go down to the floor, each time he said that the slowest people would be out and the winner was the last person left. We really enjoyed our P.E lesson with Tony.

P.E in Creswell Class - 21st January, 2020

In P.E with Mr Bell and Miss Denyer, we warmed up our bodies to Joe Wicks' videos. We really enjoy taking part in his warm up videos. Then our lesson was based on patting and dribbling with a ball. We also worked on passing the ball using different methods of throwing. 

P.E in Creswell Class - 28th January, 2020

In P.E we worked from Energy Club, session three, the 'drink relay'. We had to run between some three cones down to the hoop and collect the ball and run back weaving between the cones, then the next member of the team would go. We then repeated it so that all the balls ended up back in the hoop. 

During this lesson, we talked about the importance of drinking water and that we need to drink 6-8 cups of water a day and we also talked about why water is the best drink for us.

P.E in Creswell Class

During this half term we will be returning to apparatus, we will be seeing what skills we can recall from the last time we used the apparatus. We will be looking at balancing and different ways of using the equipment. We will also be going back over team games and looking at leading activities and working together in pairs and bigger groups. 

P.E in Creswell Class - 26th February, 2020

During P.E this week with Tony we were doing target practise. We had to aim and throw bean bags into hoops and we got points for each time a bean bag went into a hoop. We also played 'super frog' where Tony shouts frog and all the people around the first person to jump down are out.


P.E in Creswell Class - 3rd March, 2020

We really enjoyed our trip to the beach with Mr Bell and Miss Denyer during our P.E session this week. To get our heart rates up and warm up our muscles we played Sandcastles and Holes, we were on two separate teams and we had 25 cones on the floor, we had 1 minute to turn as many cones into either sandcastles or holes depending on which team we were on. We really enjoyed this game, it was so fun! We then moved onto playing Dodge the Waves. Again, we were split into two teams and we had 6 ball throwers (the balls were the waves). When Mr Bell shouted go we had to swap sides without being hit by the balls, it had to hit below our knees and if it hit us we were out. The team with the most children left in were the winners. We can't wait for our next P.E lesson.

Sports Relief - 9th-13th March, 2020

This week we have taken part in mindfulness activities everyday in order to raise money for Sports Relief through sponsorship. We had to do 30 minutes each day. On Monday and Tuesday we took part in Cosmic Yoga that we really enjoyed. On Wednesday we took part in a bounce and catch activity with Tony. On Thursday we all made breathing wands and we really enjoyed making them. Finally, on Friday we all painted mindfulness paintings. We really enjoyed all of our activities and can't wait to see how much money we raised for Sports Relief.