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WB: 01.02.2021 - 05.02.2021

Something is coming...


Friday 5th February, 2021 - Let's go on an adventure!

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Let's take a look inside my magical, marvellous, mysterious story book - I wonder where it will take us today?

Friday 5th February, 2021 - A night at the museum - You can create your story on these writing frames

Dinosaur Fact Files -

Creating our own books


Monday 1st February and Tuesday 2nd February, 2021 - Task 1 - I can write the pages of my fact file

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This week we are going to be using all of the research from last week to put together a fact file of information. This fact file could be based around 1 dinosaur or more. When you have completed it you can put it all together to make a book along with your front cover and contents page. This will be our task for Monday and Tuesday - I can't wait to see your finished books.

Creating our own fact files on purple mash

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01.02.2021 - Subtraction - Crossing 10

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Can you practise your 2 x tables?

Count in 5s activity

01.02.21 - Children's mental health week - Express Yourself

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The Parable of the Good Samaritan

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03.02.21 - Express yourself

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Friday 5th February 2021 - Task 5 - Ramp Experiment

Watch this video to help with your science experiment at home!

PE With Joe 2021

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!