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Today we are going to finish the story of Akimbo and the Elephants.

I would like you to listen to chapter 8: Elephants in Danger.

Now have a look at the text on the PowerPoint and complete the reading comprehension. 


Starter: Please have a go at today's arithmetic questions.

For today's Maths lesson, we are going to look at simplifying fractions. 

Please watch the video then choose which task you would like to complete, Bronze, Silver or Gold.


In GPS, today we are going to look at direct speech. This will be useful for writing stories later in the week. 

Please follow the link to the lesson and then complete the tasks.


Please spend some time over the week learning and practising this week's spellings ready for a test on Friday. 

This week's words can be found here:


Today's RE task is to solve a mystery. 

Please read the information on the picture then use the information sheets to help you answer each set of questions. 


In Computing today, we are creating a spreadsheet to show a times table. Look at the video then go on Purplemash and look at your 2dos to find your work. 

Excel lesson 2.wmv

Still image for this video