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This week in English, we have been recapping our knowledge of verbs and adverbs. Can you tell your grown-ups what verbs and adverbs are? The children had to complete a sorting activity where they were given a range of verbs and adverbs and had to sort them into piles. We then we had a go at writing a sentence on whiteboards using adverbs to describe how we were doing the action and add some superb detail in our sentences. Here are the pictures from this activity. 

We have been reading books all about castles and have focused on non-fiction texts. We have learnt about different features of non-fiction writing, such as the contents, subheadings and glossary. We looked at a range of books and discussed how they were similar and different to our focus book. Some of these books were fiction and we identified how these are different to non-fiction.

In Elmton Class, we have been learning all about adjectives this week! We found out that adjectives are describing words and are used to add more detail. We created a list of adjectives that we could use to describe a castle and suggested words such as 'tall', 'ginormous', 'strong' and 'gigantic'. Some children wrote their own descriptive paragraphs to describe the castle and other children labelled the castle using some amazing adjectives!