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Rule- Words with endings that sound like shuhl after a consonant letter.













Practise these words ready for your spelling test on Friday.




This week we are going to explore the function of apostrophes. Follow the link below to watch the video and complete the task.



Starting Activity- Complete the mental arithmetic questions. Set yourself a timer of 10 minutes and try to complete as many questions as you can during that time. 

Main Activity- Today we are going to be learning to round decimals. Open the PowerPoint presentation and listen to the audio clips. Once you have done that try the activity below. 



Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be learning to identify and write newspaper articles. 


On a piece of paper or Microsoft Word document answer the following questions:

- What is a newspaper?

- What is included in a newspaper?

- Why do people read them?

- What types of things are written in them?

- How have newspapers evolved over the last 10 years?


Journalists, who write newspapers, always ask a range of questions when interviewing to create their articles. They try to follow the 5 W's.

- What are the 5 W's?


Use the link below to watch the BBC video.


Features that are included in a newspaper article are:

- Headline

- First sentence

- Paragraphs

- Past tense

- Third person

- Quotations

- Photos and captions

- Facts and opinions



Activity- Choose a newspaper article and try to highlight as many of the above features as you can. I would also like you to explain the impact the news article has on the reader and whether you think the headline/ first sentence is gripping. 


This half term, we are going to be developing our blogging skills. On Purplemash, I have set an example blog post as a 2do. Read it carefully and think about its features, for example, the date of the post, the heading, an introductory paragraph. Your task for today is to write a list of success criteria for a blog post - what must it have? This list could be written using a program on Purplemash, or on Word or using pencil and paper. 

Challenge: Create a poster reminding others in your class of the features of a good blog post. 


This half term, we focus on the theme of 'Salvation' in the run up to Easter. This week we learn about the Easter story and the stations of the cross. Have a look at the worksheet to see your activity.