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Rule: word families based on common words, showing home words are related in form and meaning. 













Write the definitions for the each spelling. 



Today, I would like you to follow the link below to access work on how to use the passive voice. You will also be learning about the grey squirrel. Remember to watch the video before completing the tabs marked the grammar bit and whiteboard challenges. If you would like to challenge yourself further you can continue with the writing ideas. I am looking forward to seeing the work that you produce.



Listen to chapter 7 'The Wild Thing' here:


-  What do you think of Jim's decision to leave the workhouse?

- Where do you think he will go?

- Do you think he will get caught?


Think back to the previous chapters when we learnt that those who get caught trying to escape are locked in the shed. 


- Do you think it is a good idea for Jim to escape?

- What would you do if you were Jim? 


Activity- Today you are going to be writing a balanced argument (for and against) Jim running away. Try and link some of your ideas to the story or what you know Victorian Britain to have been like. You might start by completing the table below to plan your ideas. 







Starter: Complete the mental arithmetic sheet below. Set yourself a timer of 10 minutes and complete as many questions as you can. Remember to show your working out based on methods that we have learnt in school.

Today we are going to be learning to find a percentage of a number. Use the PowerPoint and audio clips to help you complete the activity.



Work through the PowerPoint below and look at examples of Victorian art.

- Do you think art has changed since this era?

- Do you think elements of the art has remained the same?

- What is your opinion of the art?


Complete the activity on the PowerPoint. 



Wednesdays are our P.E. day. Today, I would like you to choose one of the following links and set aside 30 minutes to take part in some exercise. If the weathers nice you may choose to go into your garden and play some sport, go on the trampoline or you might go for a walk with an adult.


Cosmic Yoga

Joe Wicks

Dance with Oti Mabuse