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Week beginning 4th January

Overview for the term


Have a look at the PowerPoint. Can you guess what our topic this term is all about? Once you have completed this, I would like you to choose your favourite sea animal to describe. Use adjectives and similes. For example, the clown fish is as bright as the sun. In the box, you can draw a picture of your sea creature. Then underneath describe it in great detail. 



For Maths, we are looking at recognising equal groups. If you have sweets or counters at home, practise putting them into equal groups. Children should recognise that in order to have equal groups the number is even. Look at this link and watch the first video where it shows you how to recognise equal groups. Then complete the sheet please.



We are going to be learning about all around the  world this term! First, we are going to be looking at continents. Have a look at the powerpoint, can you explain what a continent is? Have a look at this song which we play in class to help. Then complete the sheet.



For EGPS, we are looking at different sentence types which are exclamations, statements, questions and commands. Look at the Powerpoint and follow the activities to complete.

For Maths, we are looking at making equal groups There's a video on the link to help you. You can use counters or sweets to practise to help you complete the sheet.


For Science, we are looking at living things and their habitat. In this lesson, we are going to be looking at whether things are alive, were never alive or dead. Look through the Power Point and complete the activities. You are going to look at the life processes which is otherwise known as MRS GREN. Pick the objects which are living, were never living or dead. Then complete the sheet.


For Literacy, I would like you to create a fact file about your favourite sea animal. This could be a dolphin or a shark for example. Complete the fact file sheet.

Maths: have a look at the video link for multiplication using the x symbol. Try making the different mathematical symbols with your arms, for example, can you show to a grown up what an add sign looks like? What about a take away/subtract sign? What is a multiplication symbol and what does it mean? That's what we are looking at today. Watch the video and complete the activities. Then complete worksheet please.



For E.G.P.S, I would like you to complete the task on Purple Mash which recaps our learning from yesterday. Think about the four sentence types first, can you remember them? When would you use an exclamation mark or question mark? Then complete the task.



I would like you to watch this video and imagine you are a diver. What animals can you see? How do you feel? Remember to use your five senses. Can you see any of your favourite sea animals there? I would like you to use this video as a starting point for your story about your diving adventure. What does a diver wear? Where are you going to dive? You could start at the Great Barrier Reef, you can choose anywhere! I would like you to talk with a grown up about what might happen when you are diving. Which animals will you come across? Will you go on an adventure with them? You could use the film 'Finding Nemo' to help, for example, when the sea turtles take them through the ocean. You could use something similar to that in your story.  Today you are just going to be focusing on the introduction. Like we do in class, I would first like you to draw what is going to happen at the start of your story, and then show this to a grown up and explain what is happening. I would then like you to just write the start of your story. Think of different sentence openers, such as 'One magical morning' that will make your writing super exciting! 


Spelling activity:

I would like to you to complete rainbow spellings! First, you need to write your spelling out. For example, cry. Then, trace over this word three times using a different colour each time. If you trace neatly you will then see a rainbow! This is a different way of practising your spellings. 

For your Big Write today, you are going to be writing a recount about your Christmas holidays. A recount is where you are recalling/explaining what you did during the Christmas break. For example, did you hear Santa Christmas Eve? Did you leave some milk and carrot out for him and the reindeers? What did you do with your family? Did you go out anywhere? Remember to describe what you did. For example, On Christmas Day morning, I woke up and I was incredibly excited because the amazing Santa had delivered my magnificent presents! I was so happy because I got to open them.


For Maths, I would like you to look at the video on the white rose website. Please watch the 'mulitplication sentences using pictures' video to help you complete the sheet. Some questions are reasoning, which means you have to explain the answer in words too.


As our topic is under the sea, we are also going to be looking at the seaside! Do you like the seaside? You are going to be looking at where our seasides are in the UK. Which one is closest to you? Have you ever been to Skegness or Scarborough? I would like you to look at the Power Point and you are going to pick your favourite sea side resort. You could even use Google Earth to visit there! Complete the seaside resort document. I can't wait to see these!

Friday 8th January

For Computing, I would like you to go on Purple Mash and carry out the to do about the Great Barrier Reef. We have been learning lots about under the sea. You are going to complete the poster. You may need to use Google to research. Where is the Great Barrier Reef? What sealife might you see?


For Maths, I would like you to go on Purple Mash and complete the maths to dos. This is a recap of what we've been doing this week.


For Literacy, I would like you to create a story board of your under the sea adventure story. Complete the template. Remember to write full sentences underneath each picture. I know you are all fantastic at these in class so I can't wait to see them! The story needs to flow. For example, you could use different sentence starters such as 'In the beautiful morning, next, after that etc'.


On Friday, we would usually have Golden Time. These activities are optional but ideas for what you could do. You could do cotton bud painting (see pictures below) to make some paintings. You could do some art work of your choice using paint or colours. You could make create an under the sea animal tissue paper design. It's completely up to you, these are just ideas.