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Morning Work

Have a go at today's arithmetic questions. Remember to check you answers using the animations.


Today we are continuing comparing fractions smaller than one whole. 

There are our reasoning and problem solving questions so will be trickier. 

If you need to, go back to yesterday's video for a reminder before moving on to today's video and questions.



Today's persuasive writing lesson is about creating a feeling of surprise.


We are continuing using our correct tenses today. 

Use the following lesson then complete the sheet.


On Wednesday, we would normally have PE. Why not try one of the following links to PE that you could do at home.

Cosmic Yoga

Joe Wicks

Dance with Oti Mabuse


Today's French lesson is about school life in France. 

I would like you to watch the video and make a list of similarities and differences between daily school life in France and England.