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Happy Friday! Today is the day of our spelling test. Grab yourself a pencil and a sheet of paper and then listen to the video below. Remember to send your results to me. 



Today we are going to be revising apostrophes for contractions and possession. Watch the video below and complete the task. 



Starter- Today I would like you to refresh your skills on multiplying and dividing fractions. Help videos have been included below if you need them. 



Big Write- Today, I would like you to imagine that you had a time machine. 

- Where would you go?

- Why would you choose that place?

- Would you go into the future?

- Or would you go back in the past?


Choose a place and a time and write a story about your time travelling adventure. 

The Beast of Buckingham Palace- Chapter 7



Last week we started to learn about the human rights children have and you completed some work based on the UN Charter- The Rights of a Child. Today we are going to learn about a time where some children did not receive their basic rights to an education. We are going to be learning about Malala Yousafzai. I know you have done some work about her in R.E so you may know a little about what she is fighting for and why she has become a significant figure in fighting for children's rights. 


Work through the PowerPoint. 


Activity- Write a speech discussing the importance of children getting an education.

Modern Foreign Languages


Today we are going to be learning the numbers up to 20 in Spanish. By the end of the lesson you will be expected to recognise and pronounce each number correctly. The video link below is a song that I think you will find useful in pronouncing each number.


Activity- Work through the PowerPoint and complete the questions.