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We have been learning all about respect and what it means. We have been thinking of ways to show respect and how we can be respectful to those around us. We listened to the story 'Chrysanthemum' and discussed how she was feeling during parts of the story, thinking carefully about how actions of others impact how we are feeling. We looked at Chrysanthemum's expressions and discussed whether she felt respected or disrespected during each of her experience.  

We have been discussing what makes a family and how we love all the people close to us. Why are our families so important to us? What do they do to help us? The children explained that our families help us to grow, they feed and make sure we are warm, kept safe and that we are loved and protected. We discussed how all families are different. The children loved creating their own family trees to show who is important in their lives. 

In Year 2, we have been learning about the qualities that make a good friend. Following lots of group discussion, we decided that some qualities include being 'helpful', 'kind', 'honest' and respectful' and we thought carefully about people we know who have these qualities.