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Please send any completed work to



For maths, we are going to be focusing on right angles. Can you remember what an angle is from yesterday?


A right angle is a 90 degrees angle.


Please work through the PowerPoint. There are lots of activities that include right angles. Once you have finished, please complete the worksheet. It is similar to all the activities on the PowerPoint.


I can't wait to see your fantastic maths work!



For English, please complete your Big Write. For your Big Write, please describe a winter scene. You will need to use expanded noun phrases, exciting sentences starters, adverbs and remember your capital letters and full stops. 


Please use the picture it help you think of lots of fantastic ideas!



For PSHE, we will be learning about Christmas Jumper Day and the charity 'Save the Children'.  Please read the PowerPoint to learn more about the charity. 


Once you have read the PowerPoint, please create a poster with lots of information that you have learnt. On your poster,  try to use lots of persuasive writing to persuade people to wear Christmas Jumpers and how they could donate to the charity.