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Online Communities

6th November 2023


Today in our PSHE lesson we started our unit of work called 'Online Communities.' The children were able to list many ways in which they can access the internet and can discuss the different things people may use the internet for.


We then spoke about social media. We listed social media providers that we know and discussed the age needed to be to join these platforms. Children were asked why social media has an age restriction and they understand that this can be because some information is not appropriate for children, the worries of strangers contacting them online and for other personal reasons. 


We then discussed images that people may post online including selfies. We discussed why some people may edit their photographs or use filters to change different parts of their bodies. As a class we looked at images of that had been edited and discussed why this might have been done- children spoke about the expectations that society has of people and why others may feel self conscious of their appearance. 


We spoke about the unrealistic expectations and the importance of feeling confident in your own body.