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Maths - Main Activity


This week in maths, we are learning about Multiplication and Divison.


For our maths lesson today, we will be learning to divide by 4. 


Please watch the video and have a go at the worksheets.





For English, I would like you to use your plan from Tuesday to write the opening chapter of the Iron Man. Here is an example that we did in the classroom:


Chapter 1

In a gloomy, misty forest there was a dark, mysterious figure of a rusty, ancient Iron Man in the distance. Where did he come from? Who knows. How tall is he? Who knows. Where is he walking? Who knows. 

Finally, the huge, petrifying Iron Man emerged from the shadows. He was colossal like a skyscraper and his head was as giant as the moon. The Iron Mans body was filled with electrifying, dirty wires which helps his body to slowly stride across the forest. His green, emerald eyes shone extremely bright and colourful, lighting up the midnight sky.




As today is Mental Health Day, we are creating wintery forests in our art lesson. Please use any resources at your home to create a winter forest. You could draw it, use paint or use a range of material. Try to be as creative as you can!