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Today we are going to write the rest of our story. 

Have a look back at you plan, we will be writing the dilemma, reaction and resolution. 

Before you start writing, I would like you to read through what you wrote yesterday so you remember where you are up to. 


For your dilemma, think about: 

 - What happens that let's you gain the animals trust? 

 - How can you make the paragraph exciting? 

 - Who else is involved? 


For the reaction, think about: 

 - How do you solve the problem? 

 - What action happens? 

 - How does your main character feel? 


For the resolution, think about: 

 - How does the story end? 

 - What does your main character do with the animal? 

 - How do your characters feel now? 


Remember to check your work through when you have finished, I am excited to see how your stories end!


Starter: Please have a go at today's arithmetic questions.

Today we are going to learn how to multiply a mixed number by an integer. 

Please watch the video then complete the tasks.


We are going to have a recap on fronted adverbials to help us with sentence openers for our stories. Follow the link to the lesson and complete the tasks.

World Book Day

Today is World Book Day. Below are a selection of activities you might choose to complete to celebrate this year's World Book Day.

You can choose from: 

 - Creating a book cover and blurb for one of the books we have read in class this year.

 - Writing a book review for one of your favourite books.

 - Research your favourite author

Topic - History and Art

This week we are going to look at the religious beliefs of the Benin people and complete some artwork linked to this. Please have a look at the PowerPoint to find the information and your task.