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Thursday 7th September


To start our music lessons, we were explored how to make noises using our bodies. We learnt that the noises are called body percussions. To start the lesson, the children mirrored the teacher and copied her body percussion movements and sounds. The children listened to which part of the body made different sounds and how you could make the sound louder or quieter.


After, the children made a 4 beat patter body percussion sounds. They used claps, pats, stomps and many more movements in groups. They also started to learn how to count the beats to 4 as well.

Thursday 14th September


In this lesson, the children recapped their previous lesson, practicing the body percussion movements and sounds that they had learnt.


For this lesson, they were creating an 8 beat body percussion. They completed a similar lessons to last week and split into groups. They had  time to explore making various sounds using their bodies and when combining sounds to make a rhythm, make sure the movements/sounds aren’t too complicated so they can’t be played when put together!


The children also learnt the chorus of the song called 'Hands in the Air'.

Thursday 21st September 


For our lesson in music, we started to learn about the different pitches that are made on a glockenspiel. To start the lesson, the adult played the two notes - c and g. The children had to listen to the notes and decide why the notes where different. We introduced the word pitch, high and low to the children. 


The children played a game and they had to listen carefully to the sound of the notes. When a low note was played, they had to sit down and when they played the high notes, they had to stand up. This helped the children to discuss what they could hear and how they could tell the difference between a high and low pitch.


For the second part of the lesson, the children listened to the song 'hands in the air' again. This time, they worked together to change the chorus and together as a class, they composed some new lyrics and actions to place the 'na na na'.


Thursday 28th September


To start the lesson, they recapped their previous lesson and listened to the notes. They discussed the high and low pitch sounds. 


For this weeks lesson, the children to pair up with a glockenspiel. The had a go at playing the instrument and listening to the different pitches it made. The children then decide who is A and who is B. The child who was A had to find the note C on their instrument, and the child who was B had to find the note G.


The children had to listen to the teacher who counted 1 to 8, then child A improvised, their own rhythm, using the note C. Then child B improvised their own rhythm using the note G. The children then had time to created their own piece of music together. They played their piece of music to the rest of the class.