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Friday 10th March, 2023 - Snow day


Please can you read your favourite story book with your grown-up and answer the following questions:

  • Is the book fiction or non-fiction?
  • Who is your favourite character? 
  • Can you draw a picture of your favourite scene from the book and label it using adjectives? 
  • What do you like about the book?



In Year 2 Maths, we have been looking at interpreting pictograms and drawing our own. We discussed that the most important thing about the pictograms is the key! The key shows how many each picture in the pictogram is worth. It might be 1, 2, 5 and 10, so always double check! We use the tally charts to help write our pictograms and this worksheet will help develop those skills. 

Year 1 activities -

Below are some activities that will allow you to recap on knowledge that we have already learnt and practise some different skills. 


- Phonics activity - read the words and see if you can identify the diagraph sounds. 


- Maths - we have been learning about numbers to 50. Can you say all of the numbers from 0 to 50 and then back again? Think about the value of each number - how many tens and how many ones? Then, ask your grown-up to give you some numbers between 0 and 50 and order them from smallest to largest! 


- Spelling - have a go at writing some of the words below and put them into sentences. 


Once you have completed it, please bring it to school on Monday or email to 


We have been learning the Easter story in RE. Read through the PowerPoint to remind you of it and then create a storyboard of the main events.