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Investigating Forces

This morning we finished off our unit of work on forces by designing and conducting our own experiments based on paper planes. 

We discussed all the different forces that would be acting on the plane and how these would affect it ability to fly. 

Each group chose a variable to test, the size of the plane, the shape or the material it was made from and planned how to make the test fair by keeping everything else the same. 

We had a lot of fun designing and testing our planes and were able to prove or disprove our predictions. 

Sir David Attenborough

This afternoon, we looked at the life and work of Sir David Attenborough. 

We discussed his job as a naturalist and a broadcaster as well as his work on climate change. 

To celebrate his work, we became naturalists ourselves and chose animals to research. We found out about their habitat, diet and adaptations as well as how they care for their young. We created our own wildlife documentaries and even filmed them!