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Tuesday 5th January

Morning Work

Here are today's arithmetic questions and answers. Please use the PowerPoint in full screen or press 'view slideshow' as it will give you the answers to check how you did after you have finished.


Today we will be multiplying a 4-digit number by a 1-digit number. 

Please use the video at first to help you learn the methods to answer each question.

Video Link: Multiply 4-digits by 1-digit 

The powerpoint is here if you need some additional help or if you cannot access the video link. 


Today we will be looking at using dashes for parenthesis. 

Remember these work in the same way we used brackets yesterday. 

Please use the PowerPoint first to see how these work. It also contains an additional website link if you need some more help. Then have a go at the task. You can choose Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on how confident you are feeling. Remember, Silver and Gold will be more challenging!


In English we are going to start work on our Ancient Egyptian stories. 

On the PowerPoint are full instructions for todays task. 

I have given you a picture to begin to gather ideas and descriptive phrases for your setting. Try to include as many as you can as these will be helpful later. 


Today we are going to start looking at our Ancient Egyptians topic with a Timeline. 

Have a look at the online presentation using the following link.

If you cannot access this, a PowerPoint copy is attached below. 

More information can be found here:


Once you are familiar with the information, I would like you to create your own timeline giving as much detailed information as you can. You can use the template attached here, or create your own. Feel free to add pictures or diagrams and think about the spaces between each date or event.  An example is attached on the PowerPoint.