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Please complete the rapid reasoning and then start the times tables test- remember you have 5 minutes to complete each activity.

Today we are going to be learning how to find the area of a parallelogram. Work through the PowerPoint before starting the activity.



Today we are going to be writing a letter to our Tanzanian link school. You could write a letter about the following:

- What life is like for a Y6 child in England

- What life is like in England

- What life is like in Worksop

- What our school is like.


You could combine a couple of the above points in your letter if you would prefer. Please remember to include all of the letter features. 



Work through the revision booklet on verb tenses. 

Acorn Theatre


This afternoon we will be meeting up with Sherwood Class to start going through the play. Please continue to practise the play and the songs at home.