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Today we are going to be learning how to complete missing number problems using the inverse. Have a look at the teaching video I have uploaded before and then try to complete the questions. Check your answers with a calculator and see how many you get right! 



We have looked at cohesive devices already this week and I saw some great lists of examples for each of the topics we covered. Today, as normal for Thursday's grammar lesson, I would like you to combine the grammar focus of cohesive devices with our spelling words for the week. 


Choose a task:


1. Write 3 sentences that include a spelling word and either a conjunction, pronoun or time connective. 

2. Write 4 sentences that include at least one spelling word (try two!) and two cohesive devices.

3. Write a paragraph linking all of the spelling words together and including a range of different cohesive devices. Then, highlight the spelling words and cohesive devices you have used either by underlining the words or using a highlighter. 


Have a look at my example to help you:


We were working hard in school, learning about division, when all of a sudden we heard a loud explosion! Everyone rushed to the window because we couldn't believe it. Daya said, "on this occasion, I think Miss Phillipson and I need to deal with this situation." Everyone agreed that we would manage this with extreme precision, whilst also making sure it was not a huge occasion. Once that had been dealt with, Taran decided she wanted to do some Geography and learn about erosion. But Aidan and Isabel both decided they would rather learn about corrosion in Chemistry, so Lily and Jake had to make a decision. Sean couldn't believe what would possess them to want to learn Chemistry! Anyway, we all decided we would mention it to Mrs Dilks and see what she thought. She chose Art! 



Take some time to enjoy the next chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


If you have read the story before, put what you already know out of your mind! Then, think about whether you think Charlie might find a ticket or not - what makes you think that? Are there any words or phrases in the text that support your ideas? 


You might need to replay the video for this task. Make a list of keywords that are in the chapter that build suspense. How do we know something is about to happen? What do you think might happen?


Write a few sentences, making a prediction about what might happen next. Don't think too far ahead, just into the next chapter. I would love to read your ideas - maybe if you know what happens write what you would have liked to happen instead, almost like an alternative chapter! You could then be as creative as you would like. Think about how you build suspense.


Perhaps Charlie finds a ticket but then chooses to give it to a friend? Perhaps someone takes it away from him? Maybe he doesn't find one at all and he spends all of his money trying to find a ticket. Maybe he is really naughty and takes some things from his house to sell to get money for more chocolate?! The world is your oyster! 



Think back to our learning on the Quakers last week. This week, we are diving deeper into the role Cadbury's played in this - I have attached the PowerPoint from last week so you can refresh your memory if you need to. Then, have a look at the task. You are going to be creating your own model village, imagining you are George Cadbury. Think about what types of things you would need to include in your village to keep the workers happy. You would definitely need nice, warm houses with running water. How about a supermarket where people could get their groceries? Or a park for people to go and relax? 


Design your village - you could do this by drawing on a landscape A4 piece of paper or you could make a 3D map using more creative methods! It is completely up to you - I am looking forward to seeing your designs. Please send photos to