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Year 1

This week we have learnt all about safe, unsafe and unwanted touches. We started by listening to the story of 'Don't Hug Doug' and we talked about how Doug doesn't like being touched. We then looked at different types of touches and how some are safe, some are unsafe and some are unwanted. We worked in groups to categorise a range of pictures into these categories and shared our thinking with the rest of the class. We then watched the NSPCC Pantosaurus song and discussed how nobody should be touching us in private areas and who to speak to if you have any worries about this. Both videos are below. 

This week, we have been learning more about feelings and how they can sometimes be hurt. We talked about positive and negative feelings and how we could change a negative feeling into a more positive one. We also decided that some feelings are positive sometimes, but that we wouldn't want to feel them all of the time, so we put them in the middle of our tables. We thought carefully about how we could reach out to others if we felt a negative feeling and linked this in with our learning for Anti-Bullying Week. 

This lesson, we have thought about how families are different. We discussed how families should make you feel safe and respected. We thought back to our prior learning on types of touch and hurting people's feelings and shared that our family should not give us unwanted or inappropriate touch and would not intentionally hurt our feelings. We then looked at how families are made up in different ways. For example, some families have brothers and sisters, some families are blended and some children are adopted or fostered. We also learnt that some families only have mum, or only have dad, or have two mums or two dads! We had some great discussions about our understanding and learning.