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Today we are going to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions. Watch the video then complete the tasks. 

Spr5.5.1 - Mixed numbers to improper fractions on Vimeo 



Today we are going to continue to work on our Greek Mythological Stories. 

We have already created our creatures and today we are going to focus on our hero or heroine. 

I would like you to draw your hero, thinking about any equipment they might need when they battle your creature. I would then like you to write a character description for them, using as many expanded noun phrases, similes and metaphors as you can. You could also aim to include some parenthesis. 


Today in art, we are going to study Greek Pottery. Have a look at the photographs attached below - what similarities and differences do you notice? 


On some paper, have a look at the different patterns you can find and have a go at copying them - which are the easiest patterns? 


Carefully, design the pot you would like to colour/paint and then complete your own design using the photograph below as a guide.