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Week beginning Monday 7th December

On Thursday and Friday we will be completing our Maths assessments in class. 

Please have a go at the following to help you revise and prepare for these when you are back in school.


In GPS this week, we are going to look at some of the topics we found tricky on our assessment. 

Each day we will cover something different as a reminder. 

On Thursday,  please spend some time learning and practising your spellings. 

On Friday, please ask an adult at home to test you on this week's spellings. 


In English lessons this week, we will be working on and recording our Christmas poems in class. 

Please continue with this at home, writing your Haiku verse and learning it to record by heart at school. 

Please find below a reading comprehension to be completed on Thursday. 

On Friday, please complete your final story chapter for Big Write. Further details and instructions for this can be found on the homework section of the class page. 


On Monday in Computing, the children will be continuing work on their Powerpoint presentations. 

At home, can you create a Powerpoint to tell the story of the nativity. Think about using: Different slide designs and text colours, different animations for text and pictures. Can you work out how to insert a hyperlink?


In Art on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, we will be making our Christmas cards. Can you design your on Christmas card at home that you could give to a family member? 


Please find attached below Topic lessons for Thursday and Friday afternoons linked to our work on Global Warming and Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children.