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Pupil of the Week

Our Pupil of the term has been voted for by the children in Rufford Class and here are the reasons why:


- She is kind and helpful

- She always follows instructions

- She makes sure nobody is left out during games

- She helps when we are sad

- She is a good listener

- She is always happy 

- She cares about other people


Well done! 

Our final Pupil of the Week for this half term has been chosen for being a kind, helpful and caring individual at all times. She always makes sure other children in the class are happy and will support anyone with whatever they need. She works really hard herself too and tries to make improvements in each lesson. I am really impressed with her attitude to learning and she is an excellent role model for the rest of Rufford Class. Well done smiley

This week's Pupil of the Week has been chosen for making such huge improvements in handwriting! She has worked super hard in every lesson and it is so clear to see the progress she has made in her books. This is across the curriculum and not just in writing and we are all so proud of everything she has achieved this year smiley

Our Pupil of the Week this week has been chosen because he has impressed us all with his huge improvements in handwriting! He is also super helpful and works hard during every lesson. He listens carefully to feedback and tries hard to improve in his next piece of work. A super attitude to learning - well done! 

This week's Pupil of the Week has been awarded to celebrate the consistency and hard work this individual shows throughout every lesson. She listens carefully to questions, always answers with super detail and is able to explain her answers clearly. She is showing fantastic progress across the curriculum, but most notably in Maths, where she is understanding each concept and eagerly practising in order to build up fluency. She is also a wonderful person to have in the classroom as she has a positive and bubbly personality which makes people smile. Well done smiley

Our Pupil of the Week this week has been chosen for being an excellent listener and someone who is always ready to learn. Both myself and Mrs Green have been so impressed with how hard he tries in each lesson and how he always follows the instructions of a task. He stops and listens straight away when asked and shows respect and care for all. Well done! 

Our Pupil of the Week this week is such a little ray of sunshine within the classroom and is always so kind and positive to those around her. She works hard during every lesson and is very creative, taking every chance to make pictures and do extra work to take home. I have been so pleased with her start to this year and she is a joy to be around. Well done smiley

This week's Pupil of the Week has been chosen for showing super listening skills and always being ready to learn. He works hard all the time and chooses the right times to speak to friends. He is an excellent role model to the rest of the class and really impressed me this week for showing a mature attitude and a love of learning. Well done!