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12/12/22 - 16/12/22

This week, we have applied all of our knowledge to write our own story about an animal. We planned what our story was going to be about and thought about what might happen at the beginning, middle and end. We described our characters and settings and then wrote this as a Gold Write at the end of the week. We have also been working hard on our reading, both comprehension and blending of sounds. 

05/12/22 - 09/12/22

This week, we have focused on writing both character and setting descriptions. We applied our learning of adjectives and worked together as a class to write a character description of the whale from the story 'The Whale Who Wanted More'. We discussed his personality and his appearance and talked about how his behaviour changes throughout the story. We then worked independently to write a character description of the crab! Following this, we moved on to writing a setting description of the ocean, where the story is set. We worked together to discuss what the ocean was like and used super adjectives to describe it. We then wrote our own setting descriptions of a jungle and thought about the animals that we may find there. 

28/11/22 - 02/12/22

This week, we have continued to focus on the story 'The Whale Who Wanted More' and have been recalling our understanding of adjectives and adverbs to describe! We have learnt that it is so important to include super descriptive language within a story to create a clear picture in the mind of the reader. Next week, we will be using this learning to write character and setting descriptions. 

21/11/22 - 25/11/22

We have started a new focus this week - story writing! Our text focus is 'The Whale Who Wanted More' by Jim Field & Rachel Bright and is a super story about a whale who never quite feels like he has enough. Could it be friendship, not things, that will really make his heart sing? This story will allow us to understand more about the structure of fictional writing, but also contains rhyming words which will mean we can refer back to our learning on poetry and discuss the rhyming patterns and vocabulary as well! 


We have learnt about the structure of a story and how it should contain a beginning, middle and end. We retold the story by drawing pictures and writing sentences of 'The Whale Who Wanted More' in order to cement our understanding of its structure. 


As always, we have also been working hard on our handwriting and are making such amazing progress! Well done, Rufford Class smiley

14/11/22 - 18/11/22

This week we have focused on some basics, such as handwriting and phonic blending. We have also completed reading comprehension activities and guided reading. In poetry, we have used the time to research about one animal and then we wrote our own poems for the Gold Write task! Our poems are fantastic and we have thought carefully about rhyming words and patterns. 

07/11/22 - 11/11/22

This week, we have continued learning more about poetry by learning about syllables! We discussed what a syllable is and completed a Super Movers song relating to the topic. You can find a link to it below - why don't you show your grown ups the song and see if they can join in with the dancing? We used syllable jigsaws to fit the words together and then made our own jigsaws! 

Finally this week, we studied the poem 'A Pet Is...' and looked in detail at how many syllables were in each line and what the rhyming pattern was. We saw that each line had either 5 or 6 syllables in it and that line 2 and 4 rhymed. We then worked in groups to complete another verse of this poem by trying to include the same number of syllables and the same rhyming pattern. It was tricky, but we had a great try! 

31/10/22 - 04/11/22

This week, we have begun looking at poetry! We wrote a cold write and then moved on to read 'My Dog, He is an Ugly Dog' by Jack Prelutsky and looked at rhyming words in the poem. We highlighted the rhyming words and then thought of our own.