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Morning Task


Please have a go at todays arithmetic task. You may take as long as you need on the questions.



This week in maths, we will be learning about money. 


For maths today, we will be learning about converting pounds and pence. Please watch the video which will help you to complete the worksheet.




Please use the coin picture to help you.



For our English lesson today, we will be finding out fact about Captain Sir Tom Moore and his life. To learn more about this inspirational man, I will read the story of Captain Sir Tom Moore's life. Please watch the video. 




Once you have listened to the story, I would like you to use the information from the story and create notes. You will need the worksheet to help you. Please fill in the different sections on the worksheet. Remember, all this information is facts about his life. If you would like to find more facts for these sections, you may research him. However, they do need to be FACTS and not OPINIONS.



For our science lesson today, we will be learning about the functions of a skeleton. Please watch the video to remind you about the different types of skeletons and bones.


Today, we will be learning about the joints. Please read the PowerPoint to learn about the different functions and joints. After, please complete the worksheet.


Still image for this video



For todays lesson, we will be continuing to learn the colours in French.


Please use the PowerPoint again to remind you of the different colours and how to pronounce them. After that, please complete the worksheet. 



In EGPS, we are now going to continue to learn about plurals.


Please follow the video for this lesson:


It is a very interactive lesson. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil. Please follow the video and have a go at all the different activities.

PSHE - Mental Health Week


This week is Children's Mental Health week and over the week we are going to be completing a wellness journal each day. 


We will be exploring how we are feeling, our goals for the day, anything we could be worried about, anything we are grateful for and the best thing that has happened during the day. 


Here is your journal for today: