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If you haven't already completed the work uploaded from the start of the week please complete that first as that will help you with todays learning.


Our focus today is to add and subtract integers. 

- What are integers?


Work through the PowerPoint before trying the activity. 



During the world wars, the government used propaganda posters to encourage the population to be supportive. These posters included posters aimed at men to join the war, women who were encouraged to work in factories and to to educate others on rationing. 


Look at some of the propaganda posters in the PowerPoint below. Then create your own propaganda poster. 



- What are the qualities of a good leader?

- Why do you think good leaders are successful?


Make a list of people who you think are good leaders and explain the reasons for selecting these people. 


Then select one person from your list and create a information leaflet about them. Include:

- their background

- how they became a leader

- their qualities

- what others think of them