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Please use your planning to write up your non-chronological report in full today. You can use paper or ICT to produce your report. It should have all of the features that are in a non-chronological report, so be sure to check at the end that you have included everything! 



Today the class have PE with Tony, so please take some time to do some exercise of your choice. The children at school will be practising their running and skipping, so try to have a go at those activities if you can. 



We will be working with powder paints today, creating designs of our choice. Why don't you try to create your own piece of art? You could use paints if you have these at home, or maybe sketch some buildings using the skills you have learnt this year. You could also try a self-portrait instead if you would like. It is completely up to you! 

Water Safety


As part of Drowning Prevention Week, we are spending some time looking at water safety. Have a look at the attached PowerPoint and then work through the activity booklet smiley there are also some good videos on the website