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Morning Work

Here is today's morning arithmetic work. Remember to check your answers using the animations.


Today we are going to look at equivalent fractions. 

Please watch the video to help you with the task.


Today we are going to finish looking at expanded noun phrases. Please follow the link to the Natural Curriculum lesson.


I would like you to think back to last week's video:


Now think about the character you created and described yesterday. 

Imagine the archaeologist meets your character inside the pyramid. 


Using correct punctuation, write a conversation that could happen between these characters. 


Think about: 

 - how the archaeologist might feel (remember this is a statue come to life!) 

 - if your statue is good or evil

 - what is the statue's job? are they guarding something? 

 - what the archaeologist wants to discover. 



On Wednesday, we would normally have PE. Why not try one of the following links to PE that you could do at home.

Cosmic Yoga

Joe Wicks

Dance with Oti Mabuse


For French, we are going to look at the different subjects at school. 

Please use the following link to an interactive lesson. 

This is a series of short activities followed by games. 

Please click on Full Tutorial, All Activities on the first page to start.