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Use the video below to complete the spelling test. Remember to send your score to me.





Today we are going to consolidate our learning of colons. Watch the video below before completing the task.



Starting Activity- Complete the mental arithmetic questions. Set yourself a timer of 10 minutes and try to complete as many questions as you can during that time. 



Big Write- Last half term we read about Jim, who was forced to go to the workhouse and work in terrible conditions. This is something that many Victorian children and adults had to go during this era because they could not afford to eat, pay their rent or look after their families. Once someone was taken to the workhouse, unless they escaped, they were there for the rest of their life.


I would like you to write a letter to Queen Victoria (you are going to be writing as if you are an adult in the Victorian period) persuading her to pass a law to make the conditions of the workhouses better. In your letter I would like you to include:

- a description of what the working and living conditions are like

- the illnesses, accidents and diseases that people in the workhouse had

- the food that they are given

- a solution- workhouses couldn't be shut down because many Victorians relied on them for a place to live and regular meals. What could have been done to make these conditions better?


You need to be persuasive so try to include emotive language and rhetorical questions. Normally in school you would be expected to write for 45 minutes to complete your Big Write so set yourself a timer and try to stick to that. You should also be writing at least a page and a half. 



Today we are going to be learning about the universal rights that children have. Firstly, I would like you to think about:

- What human rights are? 

- Who has them and why are they important?


Children have additional rights.

- Why might this be? 


- What rights do you think you have? Think not just about in school but in the wider community too. 


Make a list of these rights before you start looking through the PowerPoint.


Activity- From learning about the rights of a child, choose three of the articles that you think are most important to you and write a paragraph for each one explaining why. 

Modern Foreign Languages


Using the PowerPoint and video link below refresh your memory of Spanish greetings. Can you remember how to greet someone, ask their name or how they are?


Practise your pronunciation of each work by listening to the sound clips and repeating. 




Task: Complete the word search below. Can you find all greetings? Then write a short conversation similar to the one on the PowerPoint.