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Thursday 21st April

On Wednesday this week, we had a brilliant science lesson where we learnt all about sound. We studied what sound is, discussed sound sources and went outside to listen for sounds and find out what is vibrating to make each sound. We then learnt how sound travels to the ear via sound waves. We learnt about pitch and volume and how these can change due to different energy or frequency in the vibrations. We used some elastic bands to help us with this! Then, we sorted a range of statements into whether they related to pitch or volume so that we could make comparisons between the two. 


Our lesson next Wednesday (27th April) is to create a musical instrument that the pitch and volume can be adjusted on. Therefore, in preparation for this lesson, children need to complete the planning sheet that they bring home today. I have also attached it below in case you need another copy! The homework is to design an instrument, not to make the instrument. Please design what it will look like, what materials you need and how you will be able to adjust the pitch and volume of your instrument.


Please bring in your completed planning sheet and any materials you need on Wednesday 27th April. If you need any resources from me please let me know on Monday so that I can try and source these for you. It is really important that children complete this task so that they are ready for the lesson on Wednesday, but if you have any problems at all please email or catch me in the playground.