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In our first lesson, we have been focusing on new vocabulary such as 'beat' and 'rhythm' and have been trying to make our own by patting our legs and repeating sequences. We then thought about how elephants would sound and the beat they might create. Then, we discussed which instruments might represent the sound of an elephant! We said that maybe a bass guitar, a trombone, cymbals and drums would work! 

In our second Music session, we have been looking at a variety of instruments to combine sounds to create different tempos and durations. We linked this to our previous lesson on the video we watched called 'The Funky Elephant'. We discussed what the tempo and duration would be if we were creating music for an elephant to move to. Some children had a go at performing their songs they created with their group to the whole class. The class gave lots of positive feedback and some gave tips on how they could improve by changing certain instruments to create different sounds or to slow down the tempo because elephants don't move fast.