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Today in Maths, we are recapping our 11 and 12 times tables. It is still so important that we keep up with our times tables to ensure we are fluent in all up to 12x12. 

Think about all of the different ways you could represent these numbers. Can you remember how to use arrays? And the commutative law? 


There is a PowerPoint below to help you with your fluency and reasoning, followed by a worksheet to do. Pick the one that is challenging but achievable for you, make sure you aren't finding it too easy! If you are really struggling with your 11 and 12 times tables, use household objects to help. For example, count out 11 grains of rice or pieces of pasta for 1 lot of 11, then add another 11 to work out 2x11 and continue up to 12x11!


As always, you can send your work to - remember it doesn't have to be perfect in presentation but I would love to see you having a go. 



This half term, our focus book for English is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! I know this is one that a lot of you are familiar with, which will be really helpful going forward. Have a look at the front cover below and start to make some predictions - what is the front of the book telling us? Can we make any assumptions about what the book may be about based on the title or illustrations? 


Then, click on the Chapter 1 link and this will take you to a reading of the first chapter in the book (I am hoping Mrs Dilks will take over this job with her fabulous reading skills in the next few days!). 


What do we know about Charlie Bucket after reading this chapter? Do you like him? Why/why not? What would you say to him if you ever met him? Create yourself a table - one side titled 'fact' and the other side titled 'opinion' and fill in what you know or think based on this first chapter. 


Some of you may choose to write a descriptive sentence or two about Charlie Bucket. Remember to use capital letters and full stops. It could be about what he looks like, who his family are or what he loves.

Super challenge! Imagine you are Charlie Bucket looking at your grandparents in bed, at your house and at the chocolate factory. What would you be thinking when looking at these things? Write your ideas in thought bubbles.



In PHSE today we will be looking at what a healthy lifestyle means and how we can support a healthy lifestyle. Have a look through your fridge or cupboards - can you identify any healthy foods you have at home? How about any more unhealthy foods? Create a list, draw pictures or take photos of these foods! Discuss with your grown ups what makes these foods healthy or unhealthy - you could also talk about the calories/sugar content/fat within different foods. How do we ensure a balanced diet? 


Then, have a look at the attached video on healthy diet and how it is important to be balanced. 


Using your new knowledge, create a poster on what you have learnt about healthy foods. 


To solidify your learning, have a go at the healthy food quiz in the style of 'who wants to be a millionaire' and see how much money you win! Let me know :)



For our history this half term, we are going to be studying the Aztecs. This is where chocolate first originated! 


Have a look at the attached information about the Aztecs. It is great for your reading to have a look through this and try to identify key words! Then, complete the task that is most challenging for you. You can also use your own research if you want to have a look on the internet for some more ideas. 


Complete your worksheet and then have a look at the key questions too - can you discuss these ideas with a grown up?