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Week beginning 8th June

Hello Welbeck,


I hope you are all well. The weather has certainly changed recently and it isn't feeling like June. Hopefully the warmer weather will be back soon and you can enjoy the sun out in your gardens.  


I hope you all enjoyed the science activities last week. I would love to see any pictures you have of your investigations. This week we will be doing something similar and we will be having a geography week. I have set you a range of geography activities for you to work through. 


I will continue to add Maths activities and English activities on here for you to try as  well as on Purple Mash. Please remember to do your best and not put any pressure on yourself. If you have any questions or need any help please email the school office account and I will respond as quickly as I can. 


Keep being amazing- I am so proud of you all and missing you so much.


Take care,

Geography Activities

Writing Challenge


Write this conversation:




Y5- definite, desperate, literate, secretary, stationary, dictionary, Wednesday, familiar, original, animal.


Y6- bellowed, screeched, squealed, shrieked, squawked, whispered, murmured, breathed, sighed, muttered. 

Word of the Week





  1. 1.

    extremely beautiful and delicate.

    "exquisite, jewel-like portraits"


  2. intensely felt.

    "the most exquisite kind of agony"




  1. a man who is affectedly concerned with his clothes and appearance; a dandy


Can you write five sentences using this word? 

Reading Challenge


Before half term you were all sent your log in details for the website Active Learn. Each child has an account where they can access books at their current book band level. Please use this website to choose a book and read it this week (some texts may be long and therefore will not be expected to be read fully this week).


Let me know which book you decided to read. Can you write a book review about it?


If you are needing your log in details resent please let me know.


White Rose Maths


White Rose Hub have created a home learning section which includes 5 maths lessons. The children can watch the 5 minute video explaining the task and then complete the work sheet. They are providing 5 lessons per week which follows the curriculum.

Oak National Academy



Similar to White Rose Maths, Oak National Academy have designed an online classroom where they are uploading a range of lessons each week tailored towards the year 5 and 6 curriculum. These include 5 English and Maths lessons and a range of foundation subjects including Science, History and Modern Foreign Languages.  This may be a resource that you would like to use at home throughout the next couple of weeks.



Writing Opportunities


Grimm & Co are in the process of launching a range of writing activities for children to take part in during the home learning period. These writing sessions will range from short-burst weekly writing exercises to longer writing projects. They will also be providing activities and step-by-step instructions as well as videos to help the children complete the tasks.  They will be adding different activities each week. The website below will take you directly to their website. 



Natural Curriculum


This website is aimed at Year 5 children, giving them daily grammar activities to complete based on animals. There is a video for each activity for the children to watch and a range of activities to complete. This may also be a good website for Year 6 children to use to recap on previous learning.


There is also a Home Learning section of the website that is specific for different year groups. Each year group is given an animal of focus and are asked to watch a video before completing a written task.



R.E. Resources


Natre is a website where you will find free resources and activities to complete during this home learning period. It covers a range of aspects relating to Religious Education and has lots of fun activities for the children to do.