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Rule: Statutory spelling challenge words













Practise spelling these words ready for our spelling test on Friday.



Today, I would like you to follow the link below to access work on how to expanded noun phrases . You will also be learning about the langur monkey. Remember to watch the video before completing the tabs marked the grammar bit and whiteboard challenges. If you would like to challenge yourself further you can continue with the writing ideas. I am looking forward to seeing the work that you produce.

Mental Health Week


This week is Children's Mental Health week and over the week we are going to be completing a range of P.S.H.E. and wellness activities. Today we are going to be reading the story 'Ruby's Worry'.

- What are worries?

- How do we feel when we are worried?

- What can we do if we feel worried?

- Who can we speak to?


Remember it is perfectly normal to feel worried about things from time to time. One helpful thing that we can do to help ease our worries is by talking to someone we can trust. They can either help us feel slightly better or they can help us think of solutions to our problems. 




Activity 1: Write a letter to Ruby and try to give her some advice on how she can manage her worries. Try to include all of the features of letter.


Activity 2: Create a mind map with your name in the middle. Is there anything that is worrying you at the moment? If there is add this to the mind map. In a different colour write who you could speak to or what you could possibly do to ease that worry. 



Starter: Complete the mental arithmetic questions. Remember to set yourself a timer of 10 minutes to try and complete as many questions as you can.

Main: This week we are going to be learning about 3D shapes, nets and their properties. 


Before you start the PowerPoint write down as many 3D shapes that you can think of. Can you think of more than 5?


Work through the PowerPoint and remember to listen to the audio clips. 

Challenge Activity- Can you draw the nets to a cube and a square based pyramid?


This week we are coding and including selection using 'if' and 'if else' command blocks. Follow the instructions on the video to complete work set in the 2Do section of Purplemash.

Coding 1st Feb.wmv

Still image for this video



Use your knowledge of what you have learnt about social injustice over the last couple of weeks to write a persuasive letter to help fight against social injustice.