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Year 2

This week, we have started learning about length! We discussed how we measure length in centimetres and metres and were able to measure objects around the room using rulers. We thought carefully about what a centimetre is in comparison to other things, learning that it is quite small! We also learnt that there are 100cm in a metre. Can you tell your grown ups which items you measured? We then moved on to ordering lengths, so we needed a super understanding of measurements to help us. Great work, Year 2! 

We are becoming more confident with measuring objects in both centimetres and metres now and have also been able to order measurements from shortest to longest! We have been solving word problems using all four number operations and are beginning to decode these, identifying important information within the text. We also continue to work on arithmetic and can now use a range of strategies to solve these questions mentally. 

We have now moved on to a different form of measurement this week and have been discussing volume and capacity! We started by studying the capacity of a range of items and learnt more about how the shape of the container can be deceiving - some of them had the same capacity but looked very different. We learnt that we measure capacity in millilitres and litres and then moved on to measuring the amount of liquid within a container using this language. We used measuring jugs to measure the amount of water in each container, so we had to pour the water carefully and then read the scale on the jug to find the amount. Some of us had a go at estimating how much would be in the jug before measuring it. 

This week, we have learnt more about temperature. We learnt that it is measured in degrees celcius and that we use a thermometer to measure it. We discussed all of the ways that we use temperature in our day to day lives and learnt what body temperature is for humans. We talked about different temperatures that we have experienced in our lives and then went outside and used a thermometer to measure the temperature of the air and ourselves! 

This week, we have started learning about position and direction! We recapped vocabulary we learnt in Year 1, such as left, right, forwards, backwards, up and down and used this language to move shapes around a grid. We wrote instructions for a partner who had to move the shape into the correct square. Then, we used directional language to direct each other around the classroom - we also had to use our listening skills for this activity to make sure we were following instructions.