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We have been working super hard in the run up to Christmas on solidifying our understanding of the grammar topics we have covered so far this term. We have recapped on a range of topics, such as word classes and types of sentence. We are continuing to work on our spellings and have been focusing on high frequency words. Please remember that you need to be able to read and spell all of these 100 words! 

28/11/22 - 02/12/22

This week, we have worked really hard to improve our understanding of coordinating conjunctions. We now know what they are, why they are used and can give examples of them. We can also identify them within writing as well as include them in our own sentences! We are also able to suggest the most appropriate coordinating conjunction to fit within an existing sentence - well done, Year 2!

21/11/22 - 25/11/22

This week, we have been learning more about clauses within sentences and we have also revisited our learning on conjunctions, but now we are categorising them into coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. Our focus this week has been on coordinating conjunctions and we have learnt that by using these we can join clauses together. 

14/11/22 - 18/11/22

This week, we have been focusing on nouns. We started off the week by learning what a noun is and why they are used. We categorised nouns into 'common' and 'proper' noun groups and learnt that proper nouns need a capital letter! We then identified nouns within a piece of writing and followed this up by writing our own sentences that included nouns. We have also been learning about noun phrases and have been writing these too. 

07/11/22 - 11/11/22

This week, we have been learning all about the conjunctions 'and', 'but' and 'or' and we have thought carefully about the purpose of each conjunction and when they are used. We talked about how 'or' usually means there is a choice - can you tell your grown ups some sentences that use any of these conjunctions? We wrote our own sentences or paragraphs, working hard to include relevant conjunctions as well as accurate capital letters and full stops from last week's learning. We then finished the week off by working in small groups to find the right conjunction for each sentence. 

31/10/22 - 04/11/22

This week, we have started our learning of grammar! We began with learning about capital letters - why they are used and when they should be used. We then moved on to looking at full stops and how these are used at the end of a sentence. We completed some written work where we added full stops to a paragraph of writing and then we had a more practical lesson where we made ourselves into full stops by curling up into small balls! We had to make our own sentences in groups, and we were either words or full stops. If we were big words we had to stretch up really tall and if we were small words we crouched down.

Finally this week, we looked at question marks and discussed how these are used and how they differ to full stops. We discussed whether sentences were statements or questions and how we knew this. We then wrote our own questions and asked our partners to answer them.