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Year 2

The Year 2 children have been focusing on looking at their goals for going into Key Stage 2. The children listed things like:

  • To get their handwriting pen
  • To improve skills in football
  • To become a free reader

The children drew a picture of themselves and then had to write down the qualities that would be expected of them in Year 3. We discussed the importance of these and how we can work towards these goals. 

In PSHE, the children watched the NSPCC The Pantosaurous song and we discussed who to talk to if anyone ever asks children to show them something that is private. We discussed how boys and girls are different to each other and discussed how boys can have long hair and girls can have short hair alongside other gender stereotypes. Also, we spoke about how girls and boys have different genitalia and the names of these. 

The Pantosaurus Song! | #TalkPANTS | NSPCC

We have been learning all about what a life cycle is. We looked at pictures from different stages in life all the way from a foetus to an elderly person. We compared how people at these stages of life look and act and what they are and are not allowed and abled to do. The children had pictures of these different stages in life and labelled the name of the stages and what they could do at that stage in life.